Official representative of international exhibitions in Russia
Modern Russian export-oriented companies are "the elephants - smart and strong". To achieve steady growth, companies need to constantly receive "nutrition" - to increase export volumes, and it does not matter what size the "elephant" is - just a new-born or a fully-grown animal.
Elephants spend up to 15-20 hours a day searching for food to feed themselves.
Is your company ready to spend so much time searching for “food”? After all, in today's world, every minute counts.
ELEPHANTS is your reliable guide to new export markets through participation in International Trade Fairs and Exhibitions around the world.
of experience in organizing and holding exhibitions abroad allows us to say: “We know how to make our customers “Satisfied Elephants”!
10 years
We are a professional team of "ants", the most highly organized and strongest insects on the Planet. We are more than happy to help you, the "elephant", increase your export volumes.
Более 200
25 стран мира
реализованных международных мероприятий различного уровня сложности, в том числе с участием глав государств
- география реализованных нами проектов...
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Agriculture and agricultural chemistry
22-28 April 2024
Meknes, Morocco
Chemical industry
22-24 April 2024
Muscat, Onam
Food & Beverage
24-26 April 2024
China, Shenzhen
 Agriculture and agricultural chemistry
30 April - 2 May 2024
Nigeria, Ibadan
Automotive industry
14-16 May 2024
Nigeria, Lagos
20-23 May 2024
Algiers, Algeria
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Our main goal is facilitating the participation of Russian export-oriented companies in foreign international exhibitions.
Logistics services
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Advertising and PR support
  • Individually designed booths
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  • B2B events
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  • Educational programs
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