The 7th Indonesia International Agricultural Chemical Fertilisers & Pesticide Exhibition
30 JULY - 1 AUGUST 2024
Indonesia, Jakarta
Jakarta International (JIexpo)

Indonesia's only specialized event dedicated to agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.
The most influential exhibition specialized in agriculture and the agricultural industry.It is one of the most promising ASEAN exhibitions for agriculture and agrochemical industry under one roof.
9 500
4 132
Statistics of 2023
The structure of exhibitors:
  • Fertilizers
  • Plant protection products
  • Pesticides and Spray Technology
  • Greenhouse technologies
  • Seeds and seedlings
  • Water supply and irrigation systems
  • Growth regulators and stimulants
  • Agricultural machinery and equipment
Exhibitor information:

  • 12 countries
Exhibitor survey results

  • 185% - were satisfied with participation in the exhibition
Exhibitor information:
  • Sellers and Suppliers
  • Manufacturers of chemical products
  • Farmers and agronomists
  • Producers of agricultural products
  • Agrochemists
  • Environmental management
  • Exporters and importers of chemical products
  • Distributors, wholesalers and agents
  • Plant management
  • CEOs
  • Engineers and scientists
  • Agricultural departments

Organizer of the exhibition:
PT. Global Expo Management (GEM Indonesia) - is a professional and leading organizer of international specialized trade shows based in Indonesia. Since its founding in 2009, GEM Indonesia has earned a reputation as a successful world-class trade show organizer.
Official support
The Ministry of lndustry the Repubic of lndonesia
lndonesia Society Agribusiness & Agroindustry (MAI)
lndonesia Com Board Association (DJN)
lndonesia Rice Board Association (DBN)
Association of lndonesia Agricultural Machinery (ALSINTANI)
Taiwan Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Association (ТАММА)
Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)
Market Analytics

Traveler's memo

Feedback from participants
Agung Budiman Aden
PT. Agrindo
"The positive effect that we get from this exhibition is that our products
are becoming more and more known, and our consumers know that
the company exists and develops to this day. We also have many prospects
that we are working on for the future development of Indonesian agriculture."
Isna Latifani Suhendar
PT. Aria Agri Indonesia
"Here we get a lot of positive feedback from great people, and there are
a lot of important people from the agricultural industry who are interested
in our technology. Some visitors come from abroad, but mostly local residents.
Here I would like to thank INAGRITECH for hosting a very special event where
we can showcase some of our services and technologies to a wider audience."
Victor Tahitu
PT. Ontrack Machinery
"We take our work in the Indonesian market very seriously, including other
devices besides spare parts. And we thank INAGRITECH for organizing
this exhibition. The director from Korea is pleased with INAGRITECH's
support from the very beginning. Everything is going well, there are quite a lot
of visitors, we are getting a very good response, even the exhibited property
is sold, we have received a down payment from existing customers."
Agung Budiman Aden
PT. Agrindo
"Many people come from East Asia, West Asia, the Philippines, Vietnam,
as well as Australia, Canada and Europe. Most of them are related to the
agricultural industry, the chemical industry and agricultural equipment.
Information from the sellers is not very well heard by visitors at the stands,
because that our booth is very crowded, that you can't hear her.
But thank you very much for providing the booth and other services.
Everything is well prepared."
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