The Largest and Exclusive Poultry and Livestock
Expo in West Africa
30 April - 2 May 2024
Ibadan, Nigeriav
The National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI)

NIPOLI EXPO, a gateway to establish your presence in the nigerian market!
NIPOLI EXPO 2024 offers exhibitors a chance to present their latest products to an audience seeking advancements in poultry and livestock technology. With its professional atmosphere and diverse offerings, it contributes to the growth of Nigerian poultry and livestock industries and encourages knowledge sharing.

Co-located with:

The Nigeria Animal Health and Nutrion Expo
The Nigeria Meat Tech Expo
The Nigeria Aqua tech and Blue Economy Expo
The Nigeria Dairy Tech Expo
Statistics of 2023
5 000+
2 000+
Thematic sections:
  • Livestock Feed Manufacturers
  • Veterinary Products & Services
  • Animal Biotechnology / Bio Security
  • Animal Nutrition / Health Products
  • Poultry Equipment
  • Poultry & Cattle Feed Machinery
  • Dairy Farming Equipment
  • Dairy Technology
  • Dairy Products Traders
  • Animal Laboratory / Instruments
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Scale Farming
  • Feed Additives
  • Meat & Meat Products
  • Egg Trays
  • Packaging Equipment & Materials
  • Dealers Distributors
  • Herbal Animal Health Products
  • IT / Software Technology
  • Incubation Systems
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Government Agencies
  • Trade Organizations
Exhibitor geography:
  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • India
  • China
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • France
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Greece
The structure of visitors in the field of activity:
  • Trade industry & Trade Media
  • Investors & Entrepreneurs
  • Consultants
  • Scientists / Technologists
  • Transport & Logistics Experts
  • Dealers & Distributors

Организатор выставки:

В Cooman Events Management Services обладают глубоким пониманием регионального рынка и многолетним опытом в организации мероприятий.
Организаторы заботятся обо всех аспектах мероприятий, включая материалы, логистику, выбор места проведения, дизайн выставки, маркетинговые кампании, управление посетителями, цифровые сервисы и анализ после мероприятия. Имея обширную сеть отраслевых партнеров, Cooman Events Management Services имеют возможность предоставить беспрецедентный доступ к ключевым заинтересованным сторонам из различных секторов по всей Африке.

В Cooman Events Management Services ценно стремление предоставлять исключительные впечатления, которые оставляют неизгладимый след как на экспонентах, так и на посетителях, обеспечивая плавные и запоминающиеся выставки, которые стимулируют рост бизнеса и укрепляют значимые связи на африканском рынке.
Market analytic
Traveler`s memo
Feedback from participants
Mrs. Amina .S. Bello
Dairy Tech Expert
"The NIPOLI EXPO 2023 was an exceptional event that provided us with invaluable insights into the poultry industry. The diverse range of major buyers, suppliers and informative sessions allowed us to stay updated on the latest marketing insight and trends. We are grateful for the opportunity to network with industry leaders and establish fruitful partnerships. See you at NIPOLI EXPO 2024"
Mr. Oludiran Oluitan
Country Director IFF/DANISCO
"I was thoroughly impressed by the caliber of the, NIPOLI EXPO 2023. The event showcased cutting-edge technologies, innovative practices, and industry trends that left me inspired and motivated. The organizers' attention to detail and seamless execution truly made this a world-class experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to network with industry leaders and expand my professional network."
沐宸 刘
"Attending NIPOLI EXPO 2023 was an invaluable experience. The event provided a B2B platform to connect about the trending techs in animal health, nutrition, and welfare. The diverse range of panel discussions allowed me to enhance my knowledge and stay up-to-date with emerging industry practices. Moreover, the exceptional connection with fellow experts and establish potential collaborations.
Dr. Segun Makanjuola
Veterinary Consultant & B2B Experts
"As a veterinary consultant, attending the NIPOLI EXPO 2023 was a remarkable experience. The event offered a comprehensive platform to learn about the latest research and advancements in livestock health and management. The engaging discussions and interactive workshops were particularly enlightening. I look forward to implementing the knowledge gained in my practice."
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